9th Grade Survival Tip: Get Organized – Homework Binder

If you are not already an organized person, now is the time to become one. Organization is vital to your success in high school and beyond!

You’re now faced with a new school, new classes, a different schedule, and daily homework in all classes. One way to get a jump-start on being successful in high school is having an organized binder, planner, locker, and a workspace at home.

Being organized allows you to put all your energy into completing an assignment, rather than wasting your time searching for it.

Do you have?

  1. A binder to keep all your homework? Here is how you get it going:
    1. a simple 1in – 2in binder (about $2) with color dividers (about $2) are the building blocks. – if you can, get a super bright color so it stands out!
    2. Each divider should be labeled with a subject (English, Algebra, Biology, etc).
    3. Review it as soon as you get home! This takes practice! 
      1. Here is a tip: Set a daily reminder on your phone to check your homework binder – try a 5pm alarm! 

As always, ask Mr. Lopez for some help!