Extracurriculars: Depth not Breadth

This is a really good tip for upcoming freshmen and sophomores with respect to extracurricular (juniors and seniors, this is good information if you need to tailor back some clubs – you will see what I mean).

Colleges want to see that you are exploring your extracurricular passions. If you are interested in the school newspaper, make sure you are involved all four years and start taking a leadership role as soon as possible.

Colleges do not want to see tons of clubs that are all over the interest spectrum with just the title “member” under the participation section.

It’s about depth not breadth.

Here is what I mean: Stick to your passions. If you love working with animals, start to look for volunteer organizations at the local zoo (if that’s possible) or your local animal shelter. If you don’t have any way of joining on, start something yourself. How do you start your own club, it’s not hard! Here is how to do it. Ask a faculty member to sponsor your club and get at least one buddy to join your club!