Survival Tip: Homework Binder

Organization: It’s vital.

You need to continue with your organizational skills you built from your underclassmen years grade. Here is a recap just in case you need to get caught up to speed.

Tool: Homework Binder.

Build It. Here’s how:

  1. A simple 1in – 2in binder (about $2) with color dividers (about $2) are the building blocks. – if you can, get a super bright color so it stands out!
  2. Each divider should be labeled with a subject (English, Algebra, Biology, etc).
  3. Review it as soon as you get home! This takes practice! 
    1. Here is a tip: Set a daily reminder on your phone to check your homework binder – try a 5pm alarm! 

As always, ask Mr. Lopez for some help!