Essential Terms

Welcome to the 9th grade! It’s time to learn the lingo around IB & Admissions 101. This will serve as a foundation step for your continued growth as a student and a college applicant!

Essential Terms:

  • A Day / B Day: IB is on a block schedule and your classes will either fall on an “A Day” or “B day.”
  • Advisory: This is a block of time(s) that allows you to plan & get any upcoming school work done! Use this time wisely to establish a calendar for any upcoming assignments and/or projects. If you need to get some type of tutoring, use this time to meet with another student in your advisory or meet with a teacher to go over the content! Don’t waste this time!
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) = This is the number that you will submit to colleges when you begin the college application process. It is a cumulative total of your core classes (English, Math, Science, & Social Studies).
  • Core Classes = These courses are the main classes that count for your GPA. They are any district designated English, Math, Science, & Social Studies course!
  • GPA Points = These are additional points awarded to students in their core classes for taking rigorous classes. You are awarded points in the following manner:
    • College Prep = 5 Points
    • Honors (Pre-AP, MYP) = 10 Points
    • Advanced (AP, IB DP, Dual Enrollment) = 13 Points
  • Transcript = This is the document that records all of your high school classes (yes, even the ones you took in middle school for high school credit) and the document that will be sent to all the colleges/summer programs during the application process.
  • Remind 101: This is a district approved text messaging service that allows students and educators to communicate without disclosing individual phone numbers (initial sign up with the phone/email is required) trust me, sign up, you get free doughnuts! 
  • Tutoring: This shouldn’t be a new term, but just in case, it’s an opportunity to continue strengthen your
  • Class Rank: This is how you are “numbered” based on your GPA from student from your home school.

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