College Fair Do’s and Don’ts!

A college fair is an amazing opportunity to explore potential colleges and meet the representatives from those colleges. The environment is going to be busy with a ton of people, long lines, and tons of promotional material. Here are some tips on how to navigate and dominate a college fair.


  • Get a map of the college fair layout! If a map is available, take a few minutes to target the colleges you want to visit. This helps you minimize the level of stress that a college fair brings you!
  • Pick up promotional materials! Colleges spend lots of money to print out flyers and books that promote the college! If you can, bring an empty back pack with you so you can store all the college materials
  • Ask the right questions to the college rep! You will get about 2 to 3 minutes of face time with the college rep (depending on the line) and you have to use that time wisely! Here are some good questions:
    • What type of honor programs do you offer?
    • What are some unique college traditions your college offers?
    • What do students do outside of the classroom at your college? (Volunteering?)
    • What are some popular locations for studying abroad?
    • What are some popular majors and centers of research your university offers?
    • What makes your college unique?
  • Always be polite and say thank you!
  • Shake the college reps hand with a solid handshake!
  • Ask the college rep if he or she has business card!
  • Email the college rep a few days letter (see that business card comes in handy) thanking him or her for talking to you during the college fair!
  • Take a notepad and make notes about each college!



  • Don’t go into the college fair without a plan!
  • Don’t go into the college fair without a bag to put all the college promotional materials!
  • Don’t ask questions that can be easily researched and answered on the college’s website. For example:
    • Do you offer biology as a major?
    • What’s a good SAT/ACT score to get admitted into your college?
  • Don’t forget to follow up with the college rep!
  • Don’t forget to take a note pad and pen to take notes!


Feel free to ask more questions regarding navigating a college fair!

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