Tutoring Myths and Facts!

In college, I thought I was going to excel in all my classes. I mean, I had no other indication to think otherwise. I was top of the class in high school and most people considered me to be a “smart” student. After reviewing my first grade from my first college paper, I knew that something was terribly wrong. I spoke to my professor about the grade and he told me that I needed tutoring. I’m glad I was tutored in college.  It made me a better writer, thinker, and helped me develop a ton of academic confidence.

Long story short, at IB it will get tough and the tough will get going! Tutoring is an essential component of your academic experience! There is no shame in asking for help. Here is a quick break down on tutoring basics.


  • “Failing students” go to tutoring
  • Going to tutoring means you are going to get kicked out of IB
  • Going to tutoring means you can’t handle the academics.
  • It’s embarrassing to be seen at the tutoring center.
  • Attending tutoring means you are “dumb”


  • Some of the smartest students seek academic assistance.
  • Seeking help with the tutoring center increases your chances of staying at IB
  • Tutoring will more than likely increase your grade in the class.
  • Tutoring will allow you to be opened minded to seek help!
  • Tutoring will help you develop a professional relationship with your teacher and peers.

All teachers are required to have tutoring hours! Ask your teacher when he or she has tutoring and get your planner out to attend!

Also, we have the IB tutoring center to help you with your studies!

Please feel free to ask me for any assistance with tutoring!


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