2019 McAllen Medical Center Volunteer Opportunities!

At the South Texas Health System, we have more than 350 student and adult volunteers helping us provide high-quality service to patients and their families. Because South Texas Health System is the largest hospital system in the Rio Grande Valley, there are many opportunities to choose from. You can volunteer during the day, in the evening or on weekends. If you have four hours a week to make a difference in someone’s life, please join the two South Texas Health System volunteer organizations.

The Auxiliary to South Texas Health System accepts applications year round, but onboards new volunteers at the start of each fall, spring and summer.

The Auxiliary only accepts and processes applications online.

To ensure your application is considered, please follow the suggested application deadlines:

  • To start in the fall submit by August 15
  • To start in the spring submit by December 15
  • To start in the summer submit by May 1

You will be contacted by the Director of Volunteer Services once your submission is reviewed. Each volunteer will go through an orientation and be placed in areas of interest and need.

Click here to begin your application!

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