2019 Welch Summer Scholar Program

The Welch Summer Scholar Program (WSSP), sponsored by the Robert A. Welch Foundation of Texas, has been active for 30 years now. To date, the WSSP has given more than 1,500 students across the state of Texas unique opportunities to emerge in the field of science engaging them in hands-on, college-level research projects using state-of-the-art equipment and modern technology not typically found in high-school classrooms.

Selected students from various  high schools across Texas participate in a five-week summer residency program engaging in one-on-one mentoring and first-hand research training with professors and graduate students at one of five Texas universities. Participating institutions include The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Texas at Arlington, The University of Texas at Dallas, The University of Houston and Texas Tech University.

The primary goal of WSSP is to expose talented and inquisitive students to professional researchers in professional laboratories giving them a glimpse into research and life on a college campus. Through assignments, authentic research projects, guest speaker series, tours of chemistry-based research facilities and presentations of personal research findings, students leave the program with a better understanding of basic chemistry and many with a desire to pursue science and engineering degrees in college.

Students selected for the WSSP are chosen on a competitive basis, evaluated by a selection committee made up of program coordinators at each of the participating universities. The committee considers various factors in their selection including the students’ SAT scores, their academic standing, leadership potential and teacher recommendations.

Visit the website in December for the 2019 application!

Welch Summer Program Info

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