2019 MIT Mites Program

Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) is a rigorous six-week residential academic enrichment program for rising high school seniors – many of whom come from underrepresented or underserved communities – who have a strong academic record and are interested in studying and exploring careers in science and engineering.  This national program stresses the value and reward … Continue reading 2019 MIT Mites Program

2019 Welch Summer Scholar Program

The Welch Summer Scholar Program (WSSP), sponsored by the Robert A. Welch Foundation of Texas, has been active for 30 years now. To date, the WSSP has given more than 1,500 students across the state of Texas unique opportunities to emerge in the field of science engaging them in hands-on, college-level research projects using state-of-the-art equipment and … Continue reading 2019 Welch Summer Scholar Program

2018-2019 Understanding Financial Aid – Powered by Discover

Hello IB, As I was looking for resources for financial aid and how to better understand the whole process, I cam across a great resource by Discover Student Loans - the same people who operate the Discover credit card. Full disclosure, I'm not a big fan of student loans, but I understand for most families … Continue reading 2018-2019 Understanding Financial Aid – Powered by Discover

18-19 Summer @ Stanford!

Hello IB! Stanford University has a ton of tailored summer programs to enhance your extracurricular and career passions! Stanford is a power house university that is second to know with respect to academics and resources! That being said, these programs are expensive and there are some opportunities for financial aid. Here is the link, but … Continue reading 18-19 Summer @ Stanford!