2018-2019 Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute @ GWU


Check out this free three week summer program at George Washington University. It is the Caminos al Futuro program with Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute. It’s fully funded (room, travel, meals, everything!) Here are the program highlights.

During the 3-week intensive program, Caminos scholars examine the social, economic, and political transformations affecting the Hispanic/Latino community. Through lectures by university professors and expert leaders in their fields, scholars not only learn about pressing contemporary issues, but also create their own project to bring change in their own communities.

Students who successfully complete Caminos al Futuro and are admitted to GW will receive consideration as Cisneros Scholars.

Program Highlights

  1. Academic Series on Latinos in the US
  2. Changing the Narrative Writing Lab
  3. College Prep Academy
  4. Community Action Projects
  5. Site Visits & Networking Opportunities


  1. Three college credits
  2. Preparation for the college application process
  3. A college-level residential and academic experience
  4. Improved analytical and critical thinking
  5. Leadership development grounded in Latino cultural competence
  6. Netwroking with public and private organization adn policy makers

The program is fully-funded, including all fees, room and board, transportation to and from the program, materials, and program-related activities. Participants should plan accordingly for discretionary spending such as personal items, laundry, and access to university health services (approximate $25 per visit), if needed.

Click here to Apply!


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