2019 Friends of IB Student Ambassador Program

Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors!

The Friends of IB organization is proud to begin the the IB Student Ambassador Leadership Program!

Help support your IB program and build your resume!

Here is the info!

CLICK HERE> FOIB Ambassador Application

CLICK HERE > FOIB Ambassador Teacher Recommendation

CLICK HERE> FOIB Ambassador Requirements

DEADLINE: January 23rd @ 4pm! Submit your application with Mr. Lopez

What we need from you: (Requirements)

  1. Must be a freshman, sophomore or junior.
  2. Must be willing and able to complete a minimum of 20 service hours for FOIB for the year of January to December.
  3. MUST attend 70% of all required FOIB Functions and those asked of you by a FOIB Executive Officer. Functions may include: Open house, FOIB General Meetings, Market Days, Freshman Picnic, Teacher luncheons, Decorating, School visits with counselor, etc.
  1. One Teacher Recommendation form filled out.
  2. Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  3. Make a Biyearly appointment with the Principal of the ambassador’s home school and IB Lamar to discuss any issues necessary and give updates.
  4. SUPPORT FOIB and IB and help inspire your classmates and community to support as well.
  5. Must be willing to meet a minimum fundraising requirement within the school (Will be defined at beginning of the program year by President and 1st VP of FOIB).
  6. MUST maintain a service log and have FOIB EXECUTIVE Officer sign for events.
  7. Attend monthly Junior Board Meetings
  8. Will serve from January to December and can roll over to the following year if all requirements have been maintained.

What you get out of it: (Goals)

  1. Train members to be stewards of social service
  2. Increase members individual competencies and leadership abilities
  3. Increase Teenage and young adult participation at FOIB events
  4. Help grow community investment and awareness in FOIB
  5. Encourage peer-to-peer communication.
  6. Support healthy and productive youth-adult partnerships
  7. Help share their knowledge with FOIB Executive Board to give their perspective on ideas for FOIB GROWTH.
  8. Train members to work under the guidance of FOIB Executive Board officers for experience in Finance, Organization, Stewards of Service, Goal Achievements, etc.
  1. To provide Leadership skills in their school and community environment.


Seriously it’s a great leadership program to help support the IB program to help build yourself as a student leader!

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