2019 Teen Court Program

The McAllen Teen Court was established  to add a new dimension of diversion, accountability, and responsibility to the Juvenile Justice System. The purpose of the program is to involve young people in taking responsibility for their actions and to give the community an active role in dealing with juvenile crimes. Attached is the form to … Continue reading 2019 Teen Court Program

2019 Rice University NanoAcademy Program!

NanoAcademy is a workshop for students to participate in STEM lessons designed by experienced teachers inspired by the ongoing research at Rice University. Lessons range from 5th-12th grade in level and cover a variety of topics, including nanoparticles in water treatment, viruses, hydrogels, and food science! NanoAcademy is free for students that register online. February 16: 8am-12:30pm … Continue reading 2019 Rice University NanoAcademy Program!

2019 UTSA Summer Career Academy in Architecture & Interior Design

A two-week summer introduction to the design careers and education of architects and interior designers. Taught by faculty members of the Department of Architecture, the Summer Academy provides hands-on insight into the creative and professional practice of architecture and interior design. It is intended to help high school and college students ponder whether architecture or … Continue reading 2019 UTSA Summer Career Academy in Architecture & Interior Design

2019 Free Rice University STEM Summer Camps!

DCC Physics Camps for Young Women A two-week program for current (2018-2019) 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade girls who plan on taking their first physics course in fall  2019. Students gain immersive, hands-on experience with physics concepts and get to hear from women in STEM. https://rstem.rice.edu/dcc Tribomechadynamics (TMD) Research Camp A faculty initiative by Rice … Continue reading 2019 Free Rice University STEM Summer Camps!

2019 Security First Credit Union Scholarship

Annually, Security First Credit Union awards scholarships to students in the Rio Grande Valley. We encourage our young members who are graduating high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate college student to apply. The application and evaluation process by the Security First Credit Union Scholarship committee takes place within the first quarter of the year. Requirements … Continue reading 2019 Security First Credit Union Scholarship