2019 SAT Fee Waiver Update

Hi Sigma’s!

I know you have some questions regarding SAT waivers and I’m hoping this blog post will explain a few things.

So, starting this year College Board, the company responsible for the SAT, is re-configuring the fee waiver system to make it a bit more easier for students who are truly in need of a fee waiver. Before I get into the details, let’s cover the basics.

Cost of the Exam:

  1. $47.50 without the essay
  2. $64.50 with the essay

Fee waiver basics:

  1. Fee waivers are only available to juniors & seniors.
  2. Fee waivers cover the following:
    • 2 free SATs, with or without the essay
    • 6 free SAT Subject Tests
    • 2 free Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) or Student Answer Service (SAS) reports

What is changing with the fee waiver process? 

  1. Fee waivers are only going to be students who are identified as economically disadvantaged.
  2. Fee waivers will be applied to your student account on College Board.

How do I know if I’m economically disadvantaged? 

  1. When you completed pre-registration at your home school, you went through a variety of tables like “ID Card Station, Migrant Status Station, Nurse Station, etc…” You also went through a station called “Family Income Station.” If your family didn’t complete the information at this station or skipped this station, then you were automatically coded “not economically disadvantaged.”
  2. If you did complete the station, you family indicated their household income and if it met the federal guidelines for this area, you qualify. Typically a household of 4 with a total family income of $33,000 – $45,000 will be coded to qualify.


I’m confident I meet the above mentioned criteria, what do I do next?

  1. So, the home schools will run a report of who is coded economically disadvantaged and send it to College Board along with the payment for the SAT March School Day test.
  2. College Board will then get the list and automatically apply a fee waiver on your account. You be receiving an email to your account – the one that is registered under your College Board account.
  3. This process will take 2-3 weeks once it is received by College Board.


I’m pretty confident, I don’t meet the above mentioned criteria, what do I do next? 

  1. You can register for the exam as your please and you will be required to pay for the exam.


May 4th SAT administration registration questions.

  1. If I get my fee waiver applied to my College Board account after the registration deadline of April 5th, but before April 24 late registration, will I still be able to use the waiver and will a fee be applied?
    1. Yes, you can use the waiver and no, a fee will not be applied.


If you have any more questions, please send me a Remind, email, or drop by the college center!


Mr. Lopez!

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