2019 University of Houston / Texas A&M: Galveston – College Visit Trip (FREE!)

Lamar Academy Students!

McAllen ISD will be hosting a FREE college visit to the University of Houston (Main Campus) & Texas A&M – GALVESTON. Here is the info & how to sign up!

Date: May 9th, 2019 (Thursday)

Colleges: University of Houston – Texas A&M in GALVESTON (Please do not get this confused with AM College Station – you will be very disappointed because you will not be going to College Station you will be going to Galveston) 

Time of Departure: 3AM Thursday (yes, 3AM – the morning 3AM!)

Time of Arrival: 11PM Thursday

Cost: Everything is FREE! Meals & Transportation!

Suggested Audience: Juniors & Sophomores

Space: 9 students from IB (3 per IB home campus) students from Options

College WebsitesCheck out the sites before signing up! This will give you some insight on what is going on and popular around the campus!

University of Houston

Texas AM – Galveston

Deadline to Sign Up: April 12th – Friday

Where do I sign up? College Center with Mr. Lopez

Considerations: AP exams! The following exams are taking place the day of the trip and the day after. If you have an exam the 9th you can’t go! If you have an exam on the 10th, I highly suggest you reconsider this trip! Why? You will be tired from the long day and the last thing you want to do is study for APUSH / APCOMPSCI at midnight and beyond. If you are a junior still trying to go on this trip and if you miss the APUSH exam or APCOMPSCI exam you will not be allowed to reschedule and you will pay any fee associated with not taking the exam. If you still want to go and have an AP exam the next day and you bomb it due to lack of sleep and focus, you run the risk of ruining your College Board AP GPA which impacts AP Scholar, Distinction, etc…

May 9, 2019

Spanish Literature and Culture

German Language and Culture


May 10, 2019
United States History Computer Science Principles

Physics 2: Algebra-Based

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