2019 College Fair Tips!

Hello Lamar Academy!

Attending a college fair is an amazing experience to learn information about a prospective college and make connections with college admissions representatives!

It can be an intimidating experience, but these tips will help you maximize your time and get the information you need!

Pre-Plan the Event!

If you know you are pressed for time, get a hold of the list of colleges and circle the ones you need to see! If you make good time using the format provided, you can make contact with more admissions representatives!

Part 1: The wait. 

You will probably stand in line for a bit! Don’t look annoyed that the person in front of you is taking some time with the admissions rep! Be patient and keep smiling!

Part 2: The approach.

Walk up to the rep and shake his or her hand with a firm handshake!

Part 3: Your introduction.

Here is a quick one liner to introduce yourself!

“Hi, my name is (say your name) and I am a (say your grade level) participating in the IB program with Lamar Academy in McAllen, Texas!”

Part 4: Your questions.

Right after your introduction, you will have a few precious minutes to speak with the representative. I recommend 4 questions to focus into three areas for the college.

Question 1 focus on admissions (pick any one)

What do you typically look for when selecting members for your incoming freshmen class?

What would you consider to be the most important part of the application?

At this point in my high school career, what would you recommend applicants to focus on in the application?

Question 2 focus on academics (pick any one)

I’m interested in studying (insert possible major or majors), do you have this academic program on your campus and what makes it stand out?


Im interested in studying a variety of things, but I’m interested in this career (insert your career) – what academic programs does your school offer to academically help students prepare for this career?

What opportunities for research and collaboration do students have in this particular area of study?

What is the academic advising process like at your college?

I’m interested in graduate school (name the type of school you might want to attend), how does your college help prepare students to make the next step for graduate school?

Question 3 focus on campus culture (pick any one) 

What are some unique traditions only found at your school?

How would you describe the student body in terms of being apart of the campus? Do they volunteer? Do they have a voice in the university operations?

What do students do for fun on and off campus?

Question 4 focus on financial aide (all are valid!)

Do you meet 100% of financial need?

Do you offer merit based scholarships?

Does your school require the CSS profile?

Part 5 Saying goodbye!

So, a few minutes have passed and now it’s time to say good bye. First thank the admissions representative for his or her feedback and make sure you get his or her contact information (usually a business card). You can say something like this!

“Wow, thanks for the information! It was very helpful, again my name is (insert your name) and do you mind if I contact you with any follow up questions? (they will say yes) Great do you have business card? Thanks again! (Shake the persons hand again!)

Walk away!

Part 6 Follow up emails!

Now that the event is done, dig up those cards and email the rep you met! Here is something to say!

“Hi (insert his or her name),

My name is (insert your name) and I am a (insert grade level) at (insert your home school participating in the IB program). We met at the TIBS college fair on April 16! I just wanted to say thank you for attending the fair and for taking the time to speak with me about my college questions. I look forward to keeping I contact!


(Your name)

(Home school)

There you have it!




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