2019 Junior Rank Info & Strategy!

Sigma’s, here is the information & some strategies you need to know regarding the new rank release coming up in a few weeks!


Why are we getting a rank in June?

Many colleges & universities open their application process in the summer. While most have defined application deadlines, some universities have an application process which is called “rolling admissions.” In the rolling admissions process, once the university receives a complete application, the admissions office can determine an admissions outcome: accept, reject, defer, or deny.  In 2018-2019, MISD decided to rank students at the end of their junior year to support students who wish to apply to colleges/universities who have a rolling admissions application process.


Who is included in the June rank?

Students included in this June rank will be students who are classified as Juniors with a range of 13-19.5 academic credits. The rank and grade point average will include work from your freshmen year up to the end of your junior year.


Why are we getting a rank in September?  

Historically, seniors have always received a rank as they start their official senior year. This will not change.


Who is included in the September rank?

Students who are in their 4th year of graduation with 20 or more credits!


Will the September rank supersede the June rank?  

Yes. Once the September rank is released, you cannot ask the registrar to go back and use the rank issued in June. This is non-negotiable!


When & how will I be notified about my June rank?

As of today (6/5/19), high school registrars are running reports on the Junior class size from the end of the year and calculating student grade point averages. Once this is complete, give it about two weeks, you will be mailed a copy of your class rank. This is the same format as the one you have received from me before in the lunch room or in the college center!


What is the best strategy between June and September?

Here is what I would do!

  1. Ensure your college list is as complete as possible! Yes, I know you will be still considering schools over the summer and into your senior year, but if you know you are going to be applying to schools with rolling admission applications cycles, then it’s important to prioritize those.
  2. Go to your high school registrar during the specified summer hours (see below) with the following:
    1. Your college list!
    2. Money!
      1. You need to take money because if you plan to order transcripts that are sealed or need to be mailed out, they will cost $2 per transcript.
    3. Request that your transcript be sent to the universities on your college list! Yes, I know you haven’t submitted the application yet, but a school like AM & UT will create a file for you and match the transcript with the application once it’s submitted. If it is a Texas public university, it will be sent electronically for free! If it is a private school in Texas or out of Texas, research the office of admissions address, have it ready, and be ready to pay up!
    4. Request extra sealed transcripts! I would suggest requesting ten (10) sealed transcripts to be picked up from your home school. You want to do this so you have an official sealed and signed transcript noting the June rank just in case you decide to apply to other universities later in the fall (past September).
    5. Kindly and politely ask the registrar when you can pick up the sealed transcripts!
    6. Always be kind to the hard working high school registrars!


If I am applying to schools via the Common App or the Coalition App, do I need to send them my transcript?

Not necessarily. As your college counselor, I send your transcript electronically via the application portal.


What happens if I send multiple transcripts?

The college you are applying to will take the most recent one. Meaning, if you send a transcript with the June rank to, for example, UT and then you send them another transcript in October, the school will review the most recently submitted transcript. Please be careful with this.


Do I have to have submit all my college application materials before submitting my transcript over the summer?

No! All you need to do is get your college list as complete as possible and have your home school registrar send the transcript off to the college! You can work on your application, essays, letters of recommendation, and all the other application requirements as you would up to the deadline.


When can I go to my home school and request my transcript to be sent to the colleges on my list?

Summer Hours:

June 3rd – June 6th           7:30AM -6:00PM

June 10th – June 13th       7:30AM – 6:00PM

June 17th – June 20th       7:30AM – 6:00PM

Campus is closed for summer break from June 21st – July 15th

July 16th – July 19th          7:30AM – 6:00PM

July 22nd – July 25th         7:30AM – 6:00PM

July 29th – August 1st       7:30AM – 6:00PM


Remember, if you go on the last day before they go on summer break, don’t expect anything to be sent that day or have any transcripts printed for you!

Here is the official language from the district about the new rank!

See page 52-55 of the MISD Curriculum Bulletin!

Click here!

Mr. Lopez, Can you help me with my college list?

YES! I’m attaching some documents to help you get your thoughts in order! Remember, I’m a Remind message away 24/7!


Please send me a message via Remind 24/7

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