2019 Sigma College Summer Homework


I’m going to provide a list of what you should be working on over the 2019 summer! Please take this information seriously as it is designed to help you! I’ll be breaking it down via categories to help you sort everything out and keep you on track!

IB Academic Work 

Yes, you have work from IB! Get over it & power through! Here is what I’ve heard some seniors say they wished they completed over the summer or at least made some serious progress!

  • EE draft – Honestly, I have no idea what the deadlines are, but if you can get some headway on this paper, I strongly suggest you take a break from social media and start writing! A lot of the seniors mentioned getting started on this requirement over the summer! Talk to your friends and find out the full deadline.
  • Summer reading! No joke, get the summer reading done and over with! Trust me, your teachers will bring this up during the first couple of weeks! Start the year off strong!
  • IA’s: Again, just like the EE, I’m very unsure about the deadlines, but if you have any time to get some ideas on paper or make some progress, please do!


College Admissions Checklist

2019 Summer College Homework!


Seriously, please get this done! I’m a Remind message away!

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