2020 VAMOS Scholarship Update!


Please read the VAMOS update as of 3/26/20

  1. The VAMOS scholarship application NEW deadline is April 15th at 5 pm.
  2. Students are able to email all additional scholarship application documents to vamosed@vamosscholars.org as long as all documents are emailed before April 15th.
  3. Students are to title their email with their FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and DOB. They are to send as many documents in as few emails as possible; please see if you can send all documents in one email.
  4. Send complete income tax documents: the Bank accounts and SS # need to be blocked. The income tax needed is the one where the student was claimed (even if this person is not necessarily the student’s parents). If parents did not file and the student is not claimed by anyone, student needs to submit a typed word document statement stating so.
  5. The complete student aid report (SAR) needs to be emailed (not just the first page).
  6. Submit the FAFSA award letter; if no award letter received yet, student needs to submit a typed word document statement stating so.
  7. It is recommended that teachers email the LORs to the student and student will then include them as part of their additional scholarship application documents email.
  8. College Specialists will handle the high school transcript.


Send me a message via Remind with more questions!

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