2020 UTRGV Orientation Update

New Student Orientations are going virtual for the month of April. We are excited to continue to support you on your journey to UTRGV. Please read this entire email thoroughly as it contains important information about your upcoming UTRGV New Student Orientation experience!

We are charting new territory on all fronts due to COVID-19. Your New Student Orientation will be conducted virtually in three parts: Advising, Orientation, and Registration (see information below). While we are planning to host in person orientation sessions throughout the summer, our campus situation is continually changing, and we encourage you to participate in the orientation session you originally selected. Although, if you prefer to change your date, we suggest that you log into your ASSIST account, select the Admissions tab, and register for a new orientation date.

You will receive several emails leading up to your orientation. Each email will more extensively detail how the Virtual New Student Orientation will take place. However, a brief outline has been provided below:

1.) Virtual New Student Advisement: Please download the Navigate Student app to your phone, and login with your UTRGV email and password. Our Academic Advising Office will email your UTRGV email account when the Virtual Group Advising Sessions are available, you only need to select one session of which many options are available for you to choose. Choose what works best with your schedule. Selecting your date and time will be done through the Navigate Student app. Your Group Advising Session will last approximately two hours.

2.) Navigating UTRGV – Virtually: 24-48 hours upon completing your Virtual New Student Advisement, you will receive an email from Recruitment & Orientation letting you know that the Virtual Orientation Modules have been added to your Assist account. Like Advisement, you will be able complete this at a time that best fits your schedule. However, we recommend completing them quickly so you can register for fall classes!

3.) Virtual Registration Lab: 24-48 hours upon completing your Virtual Orientation Modules, you will receive yet another email from Recruitment & Orientation with a link to a form that will allow you to select a time and date to attend a Virtual Registration Lab. There will be several dates and times available for your convenience. The Virtual Registration Lab will consist of a 15-20 minute presentation from an Outreach Representative explaining how to register for classes. Recruitment & Orientation Staff, Vaquero Squad (orientation leaders), and Academic Advisors will be available in smaller Virtual Rooms to help answer any questions you may have about course registration.

Each Virtual Orientation piece is designed to fast-track your UTRGV Orientation experience without sacrificing the quality of an in-person orientation event. You should be able to complete all three steps over the course of the week in which your original orientation date was scheduled. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we attempt to provide you the best possible UTRGV New Student Orientation experience – VIRTUALLY! During these trying times, we are happy to have the opportunity to work with our future Vaqueros and create an even more united UTRGV Vaquero Nation!

If you would like to speak with an Outreach Representative about the Virtual Orientation prior to attending to ensure that Virtual Orientation is the best option for you, please email recruitment@utrgv.edu. Type “Virtual Orientation” in the subject line and include the best phone number for one of our Outreach Representatives to reach you. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Vs UP!

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