2020 TADCO Scholarship!

IB Sigmas!

New local scholarship opportunity! Apply for the TADCO Scholarship! It’s a local one so, strong chance of getting the scholarship! Here are some tips to fill out the application.

Amount: Three (3) one thousand dollar ($1000) awards!

Application: TADCO Reach Scholarship

Deadline: May 22nd, 2020 — 5pm

Submission Method: One email to me with all your attachments. I then forward the email (that has all your attachments) to the scholarship office. If you want me to submit your letter of rec, I’ll attach it with the forwarded email! I do not want multiple emails. Just one and done. My email is      eduardo.lopezjr@mcallenisd.net

  1. Must be typed.
  2. Student ID: School ID
  3. Email: Personal email
  4. Graduation Date: May 29, 2020
  5. Graduation Plan: High School Foundation Plan: Distinguished Level of Achievement
  6. Cumulative GPA: Use the one on your transcript/top 10% letter. 100 point scale.
  7. SAT/ACT Score: Pick one – keep it simple – no super scoring.
  8. Counselor Name: Eduardo Lopez, Jr.
  9. College University: Only put where you are attending – you should know by now.
  10. Major: Just put your major / undeclared is fine.
  11. Scholarship: Just put any merit scholarships you got from the school you are attending.
  12. Family Income: Put the 2018 adjusted gross income. No taxes? Best guess.
  13. Attach your resume and type “see resume” under the “applicant extracurricular & community involvement”
  14. See the checklist
  15. Letter of Rec:  I can supply one for you since it’s optional and if you can’t get a hold of a teacher.
  16. College Acceptance Letter: Go to the college portal from the school you are attending and they usually have a downloadable PDF of your acceptance. Or dig through the emails. Or last option: Screen shot the admissions section but make sure it has your name and the school name.
  17. Essay: Yep. Start writing!



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