6 College Admissions Myths

6 Common College Admissions Myths There’s a lot of stress, pressure and confusion surrounding the college admissions process, so it’s only natural that people develop a lot of theories about how it actually works. The college admissions process is always changing, so something that used to be accurate a long time ago, might not be … Continue reading 6 College Admissions Myths

Demonstrated Interest & College Admissions

The Dating Game: Letting Colleges Know You're Really Ready to Commit College visits are just one small piece of a pie that we, and admissions officers across the country, call “demonstrated interest,” and it has an impact on your chances of admission. You wouldn't go on a date with someone who doesn't want to get … Continue reading Demonstrated Interest & College Admissions

Last Minute Tips for Your College Essays

Dot Your "I"s and Cross Your "T"s: Put the Finishing Touches on Your Essays Fall deadlines college applications are quickly approaching, and for those students applying for early decision or early action, that deadline is just a couple of days away. For those of you putting the finishing touches on your applications and admissions essays, here … Continue reading Last Minute Tips for Your College Essays