Resume & Activity List

Creating and Updating Your Activity List/Resume When it comes to your college applications, you will likely need to submit a resume or activity list. Colleges are not admitting facts and figures, they want living, breathing human beings with likes and dislikes, passions and aversions. Your "soft factors," your essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular involvement, will … Continue reading Resume & Activity List

College Apps: Addressing Red Flags

College Applications: How to Address Red Flags Students finishing their junior year may be looking to get a head start on the college application process. Almost every student gets nervous about college applications, but for students who have to explain an infraction, grade dip, or extenuating circumstances, there's an even higher level of anxiety. Are … Continue reading College Apps: Addressing Red Flags

College Admissions Tips for Parents

Five Don'ts for Parents in the College Admissions Process College admissions has changed a lot since parents applied and students and their families are often unsure of what role everyone should play during this exciting (and sometimes confusing) time. Here are some tips to keep the peace and perspective. Don't write essays or edit too … Continue reading College Admissions Tips for Parents